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Most Chesapeake Bay Retrievers running retriever field trials and hunt tests here in Ontario can be traced to the Montauk line. Montauk Chesapeakes Bay Retrievers are also the foundation stock for numerous kennels in Canada and the US. I have the reputation for producing quality puppies and matching each puppy to the right home. Coat color has no bearing here, temperament and attitude do!

Planning Spring litter with Sedgcroft Pragmatic JH and Montauk's Speed of Sound*** Hopefully pups for July/August. I am taking reservations now for this litter.




Recent News from Montauk Pups:

2012: CK's Hawk of Montauk MH*** wins Qual and is QAA also finishes a 106 dog Open, "Winston" recieves his Master Hunter title, Montauk's Copper Penny completes her Junior Hunter title. Montauk's Firecracker MH** turned 14 in Sept and still is active...very special!

2011: GMH Montauk's Acadie** recevies her Grand Master Hunter, joins GMH HRCH Montauk's Bluebill Will WCI and GMH Montauk's High Caliber with CKC Grand Master Hunter titles. CK's Hawk of Montauk MH** recieves Qual 3rd and AKC Master Hunter title, Montauk's Tidewater Missy** recieves Qual 3rd.

HRCH Montauk's Sunshine Suzie MH continues to be the #1 Historical Top Producing Dam in HRC history.

2010: CK's Hawk of Montauk MH** recieves Derby 3rd & Qual Reserve Jam at the National FT Chesapeake Specialty.

2009: Montauk's Avro Arrow First Place, Senior Puppy stake at National FT Chesapeake Specialty, Maine USA, Bur Oak's Here's Winston*** Jams the Amateur also. Montauk's Speed of Sound JH*** recieves a Reserve Jam in Amateur and is now QAA.

2008: Bur Oak's Here's Winston*** makes the US National Derby list with 15 pts and is the only Chesapeake." Winston" recieves a Derby 3rd and Open 4th at the National FT Chesapeake Specialty and is QAA @ 18 months. Montauk's Bigwater KC** recieves a Qual 3rd. Montauk's Speed of Sound JH** recieves 2 Qual Jams.

2007: Bur Oak's Here's Winston** runs his first US Derby stake and Jams the trial at 6 months of age. Follows up his next trial with another Derby Jam 3 weeks later. Both trials had 20 plus dogs entered. "Winston" is the youngest Chesapeake ever to finish a US Derby stake! Montauk's Bigwater KC** recieves Junior 2nd. Both "KC" and "Jet" recieve Junior Jam's at the same trial.

2006: Montauk's Speed of Sound JH** recieves a Junior 4th at 12 months of age. Completes Senior hunt test at 10 months.

There have been so many pet/companions, slash gundogs over the years. They are as important to me as the trial results above. It's all about averages, health, solid temperaments, and great owners!

Cheers to you and your Montauk Bay Dog!





To consistently produce high quality working and family companions. Bloodlines are selected based upon natural instinct to retrieve, temperament, and trainability. Breeding combinations can be great and they can be bad. I have experienced both...and strive to do my best.


I purchased my first Peake from David and Bonnie Joy, Riverview Kennels in 1982. I was looking for a gun dog to retrieve waterfowl and was hunting Eastern Ontario from opening to freeze-up in those days. "Meg" did everything I did including hunting deer, raccoons and raising a young family. She was a great frog chaser which broke up some of the lull's in the hide. Thank you Dave and Bonnie, I will always remember you!

My first breeding was to a dog out of Bill Little's kennel, Abelina's Aleutian Cocoa and these pups were named "Northern's". I kept a female "Copper" who is perhaps the most talented dog I have owned and part of the foundation. Man, she was a hell of a gundog with field trial placings. During that time I read a story about a dog called "King of Montauk" and his retrieve on a cripple to win the Open at the first Specialty in 1932. That story inspired me to register "Montauk" with the CKC in 1987 and breed dogs using this name since then.

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